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Lowongan BUMN Hutama Karya Juni 2012

Lowongan BUMN Hutama Karya Juni 2012

Lowongan BUMN Hutama Karya Juni 2012

Posted: 14 Jun 2012 02:34 AM PDT

HUTAMA-KARYA lowongan kerja juni 2012Lowongan pekerjaan BUMN Hutama Karya Juni 2012
Hutama Karya Persero (HK) is a top 5 State-Owned Enterprise in construction industry. For 51 years, HK had taken an important role at infrastructure-development in Indonesia. Experienced in many historical architecture at that time, HK now had risen it self to involve at the construction industry completely. HK no longer working solely on construction services industry but rather, has advancing toward energy, EPC, and manufacture industry.
Berikut ini adalah daftar lowongan dari PT. Hutama Karya (Persero):

S1 Civil Engineering
S1 Mechanical Engineering
S1 Power Electrical Engineering
S1 Accounting
S1 Tax
S1 Human Recources

Id Lowongan:
ketik : ECC LAMAR 4030
Apa itu Ti-Fi?

General Requrements :

* Graduated From Reputable University (Fresh Graduate)
* Willing to be placed on the entire working area of PT. HUTAMA KARYA (Persero)
* GPA Min. 2.85 for state university and Min. 3.00 for private university (A accreditation durings 3 years)
* Age S-1 max. 24 years / male
* Fluent in English (oral & written)
* Microsoft Office / Open Office (Microsoft word, Microsoft excel, Microsoft Project, Microsoft Power Point)
* Healthy performance, with proportional appearance with height Min. 162 cm
* Highly power struggle and highly driven with a strong commitment in achieving career, personal, organizational goal and have a good teamwork

Info syarat detil silahkan kunjungi :

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