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Lowongan BUMN Pertamina Juli 2012

Lowongan BUMN Pertamina Juli 2012

Lowongan BUMN Pertamina Juli 2012

Posted: 02 Jul 2012 07:58 PM PDT

Lowongan kerja perusahaan BUMN Pertamina Juli 2012
PT Pertamina have upstream to downstream oil, gas and geothermal operations. We have exploration, refining, distribution to retail marketing and sales. Now, we are not only operate through out Indonesia but also overseas. We are moving fast through transformation programs. Imagine the changes and challenges, work opportunities and experience where you can pursue goals, develop new capabilities and skills, change career path and explore new opportunities :

Analyst Brand Strategy Development – Corporate Secretary ( E-CSC-BMA2 )

* S1/S2 Public Relations / Communications
* Have a good knowledge in the field of Public Relations.
* Have a good knowledge in the field of Creative Graphic Design (Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop).
* Have a good knowledge in the field of Brand Strategy Development.
* Have good interpersonal skills and able to coordinating / effective cooperation.
* Have the capability of high analytical thinking
* Fluent English with a TOEFL score> 550
* At least 5 years experience in Public Relations and Creative Design
* Have a good communication and presentations skills

Able to to create communication materials using Adobe applications Illustartor

Legal Expert – Corporate Secretary ( E-CSC-CMA2 )

* S1 majoring in Law
* Have a good knowledge in capital markets, oil and gas business
* Able to opening a connection to the capital market regulator / Bapepam-??LK
* Able to quickly understanding the issues related to the fulfillment status as a public company
* Able to prepare TKO / TKI relating to compliance with public disclosure requirements (disclosure)
* Have a good interpersonal and communication skills
* Fluent in EnglishMin 12 years of experience in the field related to business law
* Have experience in aspects of the preparation of documentation the company became a public company

How to apply ?
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