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[Sweden] Doctoral student in Combustion Physics at University of Lund plus 2 more

[Sweden] Doctoral student in Combustion Physics at University of Lund plus 2 more

[Sweden] Doctoral student in Combustion Physics at University of Lund


Doctoral student in Combustion Physics at University of Lund

  • Type of employment: Limit of tenure, 4 years
  • Extent: 100 %
  • Location: Department of Physics, Lund
  • First day of employment: As soon as possible
  • Official Records Number: LTHPA 2011/394
The combustion physics department at Lund University is well-established and internationally recognized for excellence in the measurement and development of combustion applications related to ground and aerospace combustion engines and energy production.

The department conducts a wide-array of research, together with other departments within the Lund Institute of Technology. A significant portion of the measurement and research activity is also conducted outside the university at the facilities of our industrial research partners. Our research facility was built in 2001 and currently supports the work of around 35 researchers.

[Sweden] PhD Student in Railway Mechanics at Chalmers University of Technology



The Department of Applied Mechanics conducts research in different areas of mechanical engineering including machine and vehicle design. The research is often carried out together with national and international academic and industrial partners.

The research at the Division of Dynamics of the Department of Applied Mechanics is directed towards various vibration and wave propagation problems, often with coupling to other physical phenomena such as wear or piezoelectricity. Both fundamental and applied research is performed, and although the main thrust is towards modeling and numerical treatment. Experimental activities also play an important role.

A large part of the applied research is performed within the competence centre CHARMEC.

Job description

The Division of Dynamics at the Department of Applied Mechanics is seeking a new PhD student to start in the autumn of 2011. The research will be conducted within the project described below.

[Sweden] PhD student in Speech and Music Communication at KTH Royal Institute of Technology


Brief Description KTH School of Computer Science and Communication (CSC) seeks a PhD student in Speech and Music communication

The Workplace
KTH is the largest technical university in Sweden. Education and research cover a broad spectrum within natural sciences and engineering, as well as architecture, industrial engineering and management, urban planning, work science and environmental engineering. KTH has 13.344 full-time equivalent students of whom 6.955 at Bachelor (first) level and 5.545 at Master (second) level. In addition 1.314 full-time equivalent students at doctoral studies (third) level and 3.900 employees. CSC is one of Sweden`s most advanced and successful research and education institutions in Information Technology with activities at both KTH and Stockholm University. The activities of the school focus on higher education and research within the traditional core areas of numerical analysis and computer science; from theory building and analysis of mathematical models to algorithm construction, implementation and simulation. Other core areas of growing importance are technology and methods for the support of human communication and computer mediated cooperation over distances in time and space. The applied research includes scientific computing, computer science, computer vision, robotics, neuroinformatics and neural networks, human-computer interaction, media technology and graphic arts, and communication through speech, language and music. For more information see: go to"CSC International Website".

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